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Addressed conclusion of expert´s opinion

If the name of the writer is mentioned in the conclusion of the expert’s report, the expert must state in the data production section (§ 41 (2) Regulation No. 503/2020 SB) that he personally carried out a handwriting experiment in which he saw the writer in question write. At the same time, in the data processing section, the expert must state that he has carried out a thorough validation (§ 55(2)) of the entire comparative sample, i.e. both the collected and requested handwriting samples. Otherwise, the expert can only formulate a conclusion (§ 58) that is non-addressed, i.e. signed/unsigned by the writer of the comparative samples.

An experimental probe of the quality of document authentication in the Czech Republic

Document authentication is a public administration service confirming the existence of an original document. The authentication officer is legally obliged to recognize the original document through an authentication element (Act No. 21/2006 Coll. and Article 73 of Act No. 358/1992 Coll., Notarial Code) and to recognize an obvious forgery (Supreme Court of the Czech Republic 30 Cdo 1966/2013). To test the functionality of authentication, we conducted an experiment in which we managed to obtain an obviously dubious document authenticated in 77 % cases. Since the authenticated copy contains a clause of authenticity, it is difficult to prove a forgery. The surprising results of the experiment were published in the journal “Státní zastupitelství” but also presented in the interview “Výzva Jiřího Kubíka”. The experiment attracted widespread media attention.