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4. 4. 2024

Meeting of the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Justice

A member of our Institute, Dr. Jiří Závora, was an invited guest at the meeting of the Advisory Board for Economics of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. The discussion was held on the issues of the application of the expert’s procedure in the economic sectors of expertise.

27. 3. 2024

Educational event for expert psychiatrists

Members of our institute, Dr. Závora and Mgr. Skořepa, participated in an educational event of the Judicial Academy for psychiatric experts. The key topic was the reviewable procedure of the expert in solving professional questions concerning the sanity of offenders. The main speakers were Dr. Pleva and Dr. Tejnská from the NSZ.

20. 3. 2024

Dr. Jiří Závora was examing new applicants for expert authorization at the Ministry of Justice

A member of our institute, Dr. Jiří Závora, was testing new applicants for expert authorization as a methodologist at the Ministry of Justice for the fourteenth time. This time it was in the field of fire protection. This extremely important forensic field was represented in the examination committee by Doc. Ing. Petr Kučera, PhD. and the other member of the commission Mgr. Radek Kislinger.
You can find an animation and training on the expert witness procedure on our YouTube channel.

5. 2. 2024

We provided an interview on the causes of poor quality work of forensic experts

The media image of Czech experts is shaped by highly problematic cases, but many experts in the Czech Republic are doing top-notch work, said in an interview for Seznam Zprávy given by members of our institute, Dr. Jiří Závora and Mgr. Bohdana Nováková.

24. 1. 2024

VUT Brno – training of experts of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

A member of our institute, Dr. Jiří Závora, gave an invited lecture at a top expert workplace, Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering. The topic of the lecture was of course related to the procedure of an expert according to the new legal regulation of expert activities in the Czech Republic.

21. – 23. 9. 2023

Internship for the University of Amsterdam

For the students of the Master Forensic Science programme we arranged a three-day internship which included lectures on the new regulation of expert performance in the Czech Republic (Dr. Závora), on the interdisciplinary project on speaker identification (Mgr. Skořepa) and on the falsity of expert opinion in the decision-making practice of courts in the Czech Republic (Mgr. Nováková).


The Judicial Academy, Kroměříž

Dr. Jiří Závora held a lecture for the judges of the Kralovehradecky region in Kroměříž on the structural concept of reviewability in the new regulation of expert performance

April 2023

Workshop on signature verification for the Czech National Bank

March 2023

Study on the interpretation of the meaning of the codified expert procedure according to the new regulation

Dr. Jiří Závora published a study in the prestigious law journal AUCI (SCOPUS) in which he interpreted the broader meaning of the structural concept of the reviewability of expert’s report. The codification of the expert’s procedure (§ 52 Regulation No. 503/2020 SB) and the requirements of an expert’s report (§ 41 Regulation No. 503/2020 SB) was based on Dr. Závora’s study published in 2017.

November 2022

Jerome’s Days

Participation in the panel discussion Interpreter is also just a person – Ethical, professional and psychosocial risks of the interpreting profession

June 2022

The Judicial Academy, Kroměříž – training course for judges

Procedure of the expert according to the new regulation of expert performance

June 2022, Justiční areál Na Míčánkách

The Judicial Academy – mental care for interpreters

Mental care for Ukrainian language interpreters
November 2021 – March 2022

Cooperation with Czech National Bank

Workshop: Training for bank tellers – comparing signature with the signature specimen

October 2021

Comment on President Miloš Zeman’s signature on the document convening the session of the Chamber of Deputies

New legal regulation of expert performance

The previous legal regulation of expert performance did not provide sufficient conditions for the expert report assessment. Based on the assignment of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, a study proposing a structure-based expert procedure was formulated by a member of our institute Dr. Jiří Závora.