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The falsity of expert opinion in the decision-making practice of courts

Research is focused on the analysis of the decision-making practice of courts in criminal proceedings against an expert witness for the crime of false expert opinion. Particular attention is drawn to the means of evidence used in this type of proceedings.

Research on adolescent theft

A case study research on delinquent behaviour in early adolescence. The research focuses on cases without any conditions for juvenile delinquent behaviour known from recent findings (deviant sampling). The research helps to clarify the delinquent behaviour of adolescents from functional families.

Recognition of a speaker using voice imitation

Interdisciplinary research in phonetics and psychology focusing on imitator´s vocal performance and mental setup during the imitation practice. The research benefits the forensic field by providing findings leading to recognition of disguised voice identity. The research project is carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Phonetics, Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague and imitator Petr Jablonský.

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