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Institute of Forensic Disciplines Prague (IFSP) was founded in 2017 by a group of people who aimed to inspire the Czech justice system with scientific knowledge. The institute develops specific research activities based on the findings and problems of forensic science. IFSP publishes research of foreign studies, primarily in the field of science and justice, and the results of its own studies. The target group of IFSP´s publishing activities is mainly attorneys and the legal profession.

Our goals
We cooperate with experts in the following areas

– scientific research
– publishing research of sources of foreign studies
– publishing results of our studies – lecturing
– organising conferences, workshops, and professional meetings with interdisciplinary overlaps
– organising professional and qualification courses
– preparation of expert reports

– Forensic handwriting identification
– Forensic speaker identification
– Forensic document examination
– Forensic medicine
– DNA identification
– Psychology
– Economics
– Expert Opinions and Testimony – Criminal law

Members of the Institute

Mgr. Bohdana Nováková

Forensic handwriting identification
Attorney-at-law specializing in expert opinion issues.

PhDr. Jiří Závora, Ph.D. et Ph.D.

expert witness
Forensic handwriting identification, psychology.
Chairman of the Advisory Board for Forensic Methodology of the Ministry of Justice
Member of the Advisory Board for Forensic Document Examination of the Ministry of Justice.

Mgr. Veronika Anderková

translator and interpreter
English, French and Italian.
Forensic document examination

Mgr. Hana Sirotková

expert witness
Clinical psychology

Marie Dokoupilová

Forensic handwriting identification

Contact us

IČO: 06267025

Bankovní spojení:  2501714510/2010

Sídlo: Čáslavská 1750/8, Vinohrady, 130 00 Praha

Spisová značka: U 596/MSPH Městský soud v Praze

Datum vzniku a zápisu 2. srpen 2017

Datová schránka: fpwxgne